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Tolkien : Lord of the Rings / Fr Francis Mary, with author, Joseph Pearce [Life on the Rock]
FOCUS Apostolate for youth / Jeff Cavins with members of the Group [Life on the Rock]
Christmas Program 2002 / Fr Mitch Pacwa, with Raymond Arroyo,
Fr Francis Mary and Marcus Grodi [EWTN Live]
Source no. : PER 20

G.K. Chesterton : Genius and eccentricities / Dale Ahlquist [Apostle of Common Sense]
Journey of Dr Paul Vitz, psychologist, and former nominal Protestant [Journey Home]
Rosary CD / Anna Marie with Jeff Cavins [Life on the Rock]
St Catherine of Sienna & St Teresa of Avilla : first two women Doctors / Fr Charles Connor
[Doctors of the Church
Source no. : PER 21

Seeking God's Kingdom / Fr Benedict Groeschel [Seek First the Kingdom ; 1]
St Thomas More / Fr Charles Connor [The Church in Time]
Pope John XXIII : Years in the Diplomatic Service / Fr Alfred McBride
[True Life and Teaching of John XXIII
Life of St Anthony of Padua [EWTN Gallery]
Christian Challenge to Greek Philosophy / Abp Fulton Sheen [Life is Worth Living]
The Story of Hanukkah / Br Bob Fishman [Jewish Roots of Catholicism
What to do about what's wrong / Fr Thomas Dubay  [Timely Topics]
Source no. : PER 26

Email replies / by Fr Robert Levis & Fr John Trigilio [Web of Faith]

Starting  : Position of the Tabernacle
Confession  / Patrick Madrid  [Faith Matters]
Outline of Sanity : G.K. Chesterton  / Dale Alquist [Apostle of Common Sense]
Moral issues on political debate / Fr Ed Sylvia & Dr Alan Keyes, with Johnette Benkovic
[Abundant Life]
Early Church Fathers and the Liturgy / Scott Hahn  [Faith Matters]

Source no. : PER 33

The Story of Zacchaeus / Mother Angelica {first broadcast 27/6/'95} ;
introduction by Deacon Bill Steltemeier

[Mother Angelica Classics]
Interview with Fr Richard John Neuhaus / Raymond Arroyo
[The World Over]
Priesthood in the later 20th Century : Pope John Paul II / Fr Charles Connor
[Catholic Priesthood through the Ages]
Musical Presentation / Robert Ekonomou

St Augustine : Nature of the Church / Marcellino D'Ambrosio
[Early Church Fathers]
Source no. : PER 37

The Family of God / Fr Mark Wood with Marcus Grodi
[The Journey Home]
FOCUS Conference (2003) / Members of the Group with Fr Francis Mary
[Life on the Rock]
Everyone is called to evangelise / Kris Franklin and Rosalind Moss
[Household of Faith]
Desire for Eternal LIfe / Fr Benedict Groeschel
[Seek First the Kingdom]
Source no. PER 38

Bringing my life together / Fr Benedict Groeschel
[Seek First the Kingdom]
The Demise of Darwin : 19th century theory in the light of 21st century science
Childhood and youth of Fulton Sheen / Fr Andrew Apostoli
[A Prophet for our Time]
The Plan of God / Fr G.W. Rutler
[Unchanging Truths]
Email replies / Fr Robert Levis and Fr John Trigilio [Web of Faith]
Starting: Children and the Sacraments
Source no. : PER 29

Dissent and destroy / Dr Brian Clowes with Johnette Benkovic
[Abundant Life]
Lifestyle of a priest / Bp Fabian Bruskewitz
[In Persona Christi]
Mission and children / Fr Eustace Sequeira [Faith Matters]
St Catherine of Sienna / Ralph Martin and Peter Herbeck
[Choices we Face]
Defending the Faith Conference / presented by the Franciscan University of Steubenville
Speakers: Scott Hahn: Mary, our Mother
Patrick Madrid: Methodology of Evangelization
and Jeff Cavins: Finding God in Suffering
[Catholic Compass: EWTN on Location]]
Source no. : PER 31

Reaching parents and children / Sisters of the Sacred Heart with
Jeff Cavins and Mother Angelica
[Best of Mother Angelica Live]
Via Dolorosa : Stations of the Cross in the Holy Land
World Youth Day (2000 : Rome) / John Flynn with jeff Cavins
[Life on the Rock]
Motets of the Bach Family [In Concert]
Source no. : BRIZ 229

A world mourns : Terrorist attack, Sept 11, '01
[Best of Mother Angelica Live]
Protect the sanctity of human life / Fr Frank Pavone
[Defending Life]
Chaplet of Divine Mercy for victims of terror attack
Human Life International / Fr Richard Welch with Mother Angelica
[Best of Mother Angelica Live]
Children, the crowning jewels of marriage
[The Two shall be One]
Overcoming disabilities / Tony Deblois with Fr Robert Fox,
of the Fatima Family Apostolate
Source no. : BRIZ   S 1

The occult and the family / Steve Wood, Vivien Dudro and Michael O'Brien

with Johnette Benkovic
Pt 1: Frightening fantasies
Pt 2: The Harry Potter phenomenon
[The Abundant Life]
The New Age Movement / David and Cindy Howie with Jeff Cavins
[Life on the Rock]
Source no. : BRIZ   S  2

To parents of teens : what you need to know / Jason Evert

{Vision Video : Gateway Films}
Marriage, Pt 2 : The challenges / Kris Franklin & Rosalind Moss
[Household of Faith]
Pre-marital chastity / Mary Louise Koury with William Cueto
[Builders of Hope]
Email replies / Fr Robert Levis and Fr John Trigilio
[Web of Faith]  Starting: Confession
First day in Rome / tour guide, Fr Mariusz
[Onward Pilgrims]
Source no. : PER 36

In Communion with Me / produced by Michael Willessee and Ron Tesoriero,

for the Apostolate of the New Evangelisation {Trans Media Productions}
The unborn feel pain / Fr Frank Pavone
[Defending Life]
Prayer with children / Fr Antoine Thomas with Fr Mitch Pacwa
[EWTN Live]
The preaching of Abp Fulton Sheen / Fr Andrew Apostoli
[A Prophet for our Times]
Centrality of the Mass in the life of a priest / Fr Charles Connor
[Catholic Priesthood through the Ages]
Source no.: PER 41

Precepts of the Church / Fr John Corapi
[Catechism of the Catholic Church]
Musical presentation / Mark Forrest
Danger of internet pornography / Kevin Dunn with Steve Wood
[The Carpenter's Shop]
The future of the priesthood in the wake of the scandals /
Fr Robert Panke with Deal Hudson
[The Church and Culture Today]
What to do when there are signs of coming home / Fr Robert Fox
[Reclaiming your Children for the Faith ; 9]
The Mystery of the Mass / Scott Hahn [Faith Matters]

Source no. : PER 43

How Catholic are Catholic Universities? / Patrick Reilly and
Jennifer Bradley with Fr Francis Mary Stone
[Life on the Rock]
Legion of Mary / George Bonina with Fr C.J. McCloskey
[Ecclesial Movements in the Universal Church]

World War II and the Cold War / Fr C.J. McCloskey & Harry Crocker
[Great Moments in Church History]
The Lamb’s Supper / Scott Hahn [Faith Matters]
When members of the Church let us down / Fr Benedict Groeschel
with Dr Alice von Hildebrand [Suffering and What to do with it]

[The Carpenter’s Shop]
Email replies / Fr Robert Levis & Fr John Trigilio
Starting: Lack of zeal in cradle Catholics [Web of Faith]





For children
Creation: Angels, plants, animals and humans [Angel Force]
Mouldy gold : finding real treasure [Cherub Wings]
The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass / Mary Jo Smith [Image of God]
Gratitude attitude : Be thankful to God [Cherub Wings]
St Francis Xavier and the Samurai's lost treasure [Saints and Heroes]
The Bible / Mary Jo Smith [Image of God]

Source no. : PER 50