All Saints Library
Allendale Square,
77 St Georges Tce., Perth

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The Fathers led me home / David Reynolds
[Journey Home]
Blessed Edward Poppe [Saints for Today]
Spiritual Motherhood of Mary [Mater et Magistra]
Will everyone go to heaven? [Crucial Questions]
Cleansing of the Temple [Mission of the Messiah]

Source no: BRIZ 243

AS 2
Divine Mercy [Best of Mother Angelica
Path to Rome / Dwight Longenecker [Journey Home]
Mary, Mediatrix of all Graces [Mater et Magistra]
Modesty in dress [Crucial Questions]

Source no: BRIZ 247

AS 3
Fifty years of thorns and roses : Life of Padre Pio
Beatification of Padre Pio / Fr Andrew Apostoli
Apostles of Jesus : Missionaries in Uganda / Mother Angelica
God's Merciful Love : Sacrament of Penance / Doug Bushman

Source no: BRIZ 242

AS 4
Paryer / Mother Angelica
Inside the Bible / Fr Kenneth Baker
Padre Pio / Fr Andrew Apostoli
Pope Paul III / Timothy O'Donnell [Glory of the Papacy]
To Tell you the Truth / Fr Pablo Straub

Source no: BRIZ 320

AS 5
Christian Living [The Holy Spirit in our Lives ; Pt 3]
Sources of Morality [Morality and the Catechism]
Persecution of Christians in the Sudan [World Over]
Abuse of Freedom [Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius]
A Legacy of Faith [Carpenter's Shop]

Source no: BRIZ 293

AS 6
Alice von Hildebrand speaks of her late husband /
with Mother Angelica
Divine Providence [The Ghetto Priest]
Juggling your life / Paul Ponce with Jeff Cavins
[Life on the Rock]
Why must God die? [Mission of the Messiah]

Source no: BRIZ 270

AS 7
Journey of Bill & Leesanne Bales [Journey Home]
Salvation [Household of Faith]
Confession / Mother Angelica
The Eucharist : Oldest Christian Devotion /
Fr Benedict Groeschel [Devotion to Christ]

Source no: BRIZ 285

AS 8
Isaiah, Ch 6 / Fr Mitch Pacwa [Old Testament Prophets]
Death Camp Saints and Martyrs / Franciscan Panel with
Dr Diane Traflet [Catholic Compass]
Web of Faith -  Starting:   Alcohol consumption
Battle of Life / Fr B Groeschel [Holy Spirit in our Lives]

AS 9
Catholic Devotions / with Mike Aquilina & Regis Flaherty [Abundant Life]
St Ignatius / Fr R Gawronski with Mother Angelica
The Mass / Dr Tom Howard [Treasure of Catholicism]
Writing Prophets / Fr M Pacwa [Old Testament Prophets]
Staying in love / Msgr E Clark [Relationships]

Source no: BRIZ 340

AS 10 (NTSC)
Canonization Mass of Padre Pio
Source no: PER 3

Park Place 1 : Dolores & John Park with Fr Bill Casey
Gifts of the Holy Spirit / Mother Angelica
Early Church Fathers / Marcellino D'Ambrosio

Source no:  PER 4

AS 12
Frightening Fantasies [Abundant Life]
Harry Potter Phenomenon [Abundant Life]
New Age Movement / Jeff Cavins and guests [Life on the Rock]

Source no:  BRIZ S 2

AS 13 (NTSC)
The Incarnation / Fr E Krause [Becoming Catholic]
Mary Prefigured in Genesis [Hail Holy Queen]
Spiritual faculty of memory [Eucharistic Journey with
St Thomas Aquinas]
The Cross in Christian living [Catholic Essentials]
Virtue of Hope / Fr B Groeschel [Faith Matters]

Source no:  PER 9

AS 14
Musical Journey of Switserland [Joy of Music]
St Catherine Laboure : The Miraculous Medal
Religion and Science ; 1  [Becoming Catholic]
Exodus Youth Services / Mary Lyman Jackson with Jeff Cavins
[Life on the Rock]
Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament

Source no: PER 5

AS 15
A world mourns : Terrorist attack , Sept 11, '01
Protect the sanctity of human life / Fr Frank Pavone
[Defending Life]
Chaplet of Divine Mercy for victims of terror attack
Human Life International / Fr R Welch with Mother Angelica
Children, crowning jewels of marriage
[The Two shall be One]
Overcoming disabilities / Tony Deblois with Fr Robert Fox
(Fatima Family Apostolate]
Mother Angelica's Message to Australia
Virtue of Humility / Fr William Ross of Brisbane [Faith Matters]

Source no: BRIZ S 1

AS 16
For children

Story of St Patrick : animated film for children [CCC]
Parables : The Sower ; The Good Samaritan [Bible Bugs]
Sacrament of Reconciliation [Image of God]
Our Lady's Birthday [Angel Force]
Intellect and will [Image of God]
Donut Repair Club on Tour [Donut Man]

Source no: BRIZ S 3

AS 17 (NTSC)
The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist / Fr William Casey
[Parish Mission Series]
The Father's Gift [Global Showcase]
Holy Communion / Fr Ed Krause [Becoming Catholic]
Marytown Chapel of Adoration [EWTN Gallery]

Source no: PER 2

AS 18 (NTSC)
Overview of the Post-Conciliar Documents / Fr J Trigilio
[Council of Faith]
Christ's Real Presence left behind / Fr R Fox
[Reclaiming your Children for the Faith]
World Youth Day : 2002 : Toronto, Canada / with Jeff Cavins
[Life on the Rock]
Church Authority [Household of Faith]

Source no: PER 10

AS 19 (NTSC)
Journey of Wives of Protestant Clergymen
[Journey Home]
Sources of Morality [Morality and the Catechism]
Papal Primacy [In Persona Christi]
Musical Journey of Edinburgh [Joy of Music]

Source no: PER 12

AS 20
Suffering / Blanche Allain-Dupre with Jeff Cavins
[Life on the Rock]
Marriage : Staying in love / Msgr E Clark [Relationships]
Introduction to G.K. Chesterton / Dale Alquist
[Apostle of Common Sense]
Meek scribe of Christ / Dr Timothy O'Donnell
[Gospel of St Luke]
Go Look in the Manger : Childhood Christmas story

Source no: BRIZ 316

AS 21
The Greatest Story ever told
George Stevens Production
190 mins

AS 22
St Maxmilian Kolbe, Martyr of Auschwitz /
Bob & Penny Lord  [They Died for Christ]
30 mins

AS 23
The Queen of the Holy Rosary in Naju, Korea
1 hr

AS 24
Mary draws us to the Eucharist
72 mins

AS 25
New Eucharistic manifestations in Naju (2)

AS 26
Our Lady Help of Christians


AS 27
Divine Mercy, no Escape (Original)
Distributed by Chestnut Hill Marian Lodge
P.O. Box 25A Kallista, Vic 3791  Phone (03) 755-2600

63 mins

AS 28
Medugorje : Transforming your Heart
Original, Distributed by Chestnut Hill


AS 29
Miracles of the Eucharist :
This is My Body, This is My Blood / Bob & Penny Lord

Original case, not video

AS 30
In the Beginning (Prophets in the Desert)
Stories from the Old Testament
Animated original for children
30 mins

AS 31
King Herod and the Wise Men
"Jesus" : A Kingdom without Frontiers
Animated original for children
30 mins

AS 32
Pro-choice : The hard choice /
Human Life International (Aust.) Inc.
R 18+ (Restricted to adults over 18, graphic abortion footage)

AS 33
The Gates of Jerusalem (Discovery) Original
Pt 1 : The Spirit of the City (G)
From Abraham to the Roman Conquest

AS 33-34 in one box

AS 34
The Gates of Jerusalem (Discovery) Original
Pt 2 : In Search of Peace (G)
From the Crusades to the 21st Century

AS 35
Archbishop Fulton Sheen :
1. Choice : Your Salvation Depends on it
2. Our Father : Whose Children are we?
90 mins

AS 36
Archbishop Fulton Sheen :
1. Three kinds of Love ; The Meaning of the Holy Mass
2. The Eucharist ; The Priesthood /
Sr Briege McKenna & Fr Kevin Scanlon
3. Divine Mercy - No Escape
4 hrs

AS 37
Mother Angelica :
1. Evils of the New Age Movement
2. The Silent Witness : The Shroud of Turin
3 hrs

AS 38
Lumen Christi       1.00.00

AS 39
Christ's Gift of His Blessed Mother / Bishop D'Sousa

AS 40
1. The Power of St Joseph / Mother Angelica
2. Cloistered Nuns on TV / Mother Angelica
3. The Father's Gift : Jesus in the Holy Eucharist
3 hrs

AS 41
1. Every Catholic called to Evangelize / Mother Angelica
with Cardinal Francis Arinze
2. Eucharistical Renewal by Silence / Mother Angelica
with Fr Laury P. Niese & Keri Allen
3. St Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians : 13: 1-13 on Love
3 hrs

AS 42
1. Journey of Andrew Scholtberg / with Marcus Grodi
[The Journey Home]
2. Interview with Abp Francis Xavier of Saigon
(13 years in prison) / Raymond Arroyo
[The World Over]
3. Interview with Msgr Eugene Clark / with Mother Angelica
4. The Eucharist / Mother Angelica with
Fr Larry P. Niese & Keriz Allen
[Best of Mother Angelica]
3 hrs

AS 43
"Creation Rediscovered"  9572-4343 :
Evolution and the importance of the Creation debate
Talk by author, Gerard J. Keane on his book
1 hr

AS 44
1. A Grief Unveiled . Gregory Floyd with Mother Angelica
2. Christian Fatherhood / Steve Wood
of St Joseph's Covenant Keepers  with Jim Burnham,
Director San Juan Catholic Seminars
[The Carpenter's Shop]
3. St Teresa of Avila / Bob & Penny Lord [Super Saints]
4. Interview Fr Steven Scheier / with Mother Angelica
{Damaged, poor quality}

AS 45
It takes a Family to Raise a Child / Mother Angelica
with Dr Dolores Grier [Best of Mother Angelica]

AS 46
Christ's Gift of His Blessed Mother / Bishop D'Sousa
Same as 39

AS 47
Archbishop Fulton Sheen
1. Wasting your Life
2. The Woman I Love

AS 48
The Message of Garabandal / Fr Junan
"Living Presence" : Reports of Eucharistic Miracles in America
Judgement and Hell / Mother Angelica with
Fr Steven Scheier [Best of Mother Angelica]
Same as 54
3 hrs

AS 49
Oratory of St Joseph, Montreal Canada
Miraculous Oil / Br Andre

AS 50
Archbishop Fulton Sheen :
1. The Devil : Our Cross
2. Choice : Your Salvation Depends on it
3. Our Father : Whose children are we?

3 hrs

AS 51
Archbishop Fulton Sheen
1. The Tridentine Mass
2. Restoring the Vineyard
3. Padre Pio's Last Holy Mass
3 hrs

AS 52
Padre Pio : Pray, Hope and Don't Worry

AS 53
Miracolo Eukaristico Magiagori /
Father  Gino Buresi (Stigmatist, Italy)

AS 54
The Message of Garabandal / Fr Junan
"Living Presence" : Reports of Eucharistic Miracles in America
Judgement and Hell / Mother Angelica with
Fr Steven Scheier [Best of Mother Angelica]
Same as 48

AS 55
The Devil -- Our Cross / Abp Fulton Sheen

AS 56
"The Message of Garabandal" / Fr Julian

AS 57
"Receive my Light" : Events that occurred in Naju, Korea 1996
The Blessed Mother's House of Naju
107-28  Ky-Dong, Naju City, Jeon Nam Province, South Korea
Tel: 0613-34-5003,  33-2272
Fax: 0613-32-3372

AS 58
The Place of Miracles

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

AS 60
Acts of Reverence for the Blessed Sacrament / Fr Regis Scanlan
[Crucial Questions]
Baptism and the Holy Spirit [Unchanging Truths]
The real meaning of death with dignity / Fr Frank Pavone
[A People of Life]
Martyrs of Nagasaki / Fr Egardo Arellano [One in their Hearts]
Basic Prayer / Mother Angelica
The Boy who became Santa : Animated film for children [CCC]

Source no: ADE 51

AS 61
John : Chapt 5 -6 / Timothy O'Donnell   [Signs and Glory]
Notre Dame de Cap : Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary, Canada
[EWTN Gallery]

The Pope’s Visit to the Parliament of Italy [Octava Dies]
The desire to love / Fr B Groeschel [Seek First the Kingdom ; 7]
Anima Christi : On basic prayer / Mother Angelica
Source no: ADE 52

AS 62
Addiction to Gambling cured /
Jeff Cavins with Lisa Stechschulte
& Bill Ashbaugh [Life on the Rock]
Audrey’s Life : Voice of a silent soul [Presentation of the Mary Founation]
Our Lady of Perpetual Help [EWTN Gallery]
The Ascension / Fr B Groeschel
The Call / Fr D Mode

Source no: ADE 53

AS 63
Embryonic stem-cell research / Dr Vincent Fortanasce with
Mother Angelica
Chastity / Margaret Burleigh & Moira Vogels with Jeff Cavins
[Life on the Rock]
Web of Faith : Email questions answered / by
Fr Robert Levis & Fr John Trigilio
Our Lady of Knock [The Church in Time]

Source no: ADE 54

AS 64
Foundation of Ave Maria College [World Over]
Catholic Priesthood through the Ages : Patristic Era /
Fr Charles Connor
The Holy Trinity [First Comes Love]
Testimony of Fr Seraphim Michalenko
[St Faustina : Divine Mercy in our Souls
Musical presentation / Lisa Gould [Backstage]
Source no: ADE 55

AS 65
Christendom College Conference:
Fr Benedict Groeschel : The Holy Eucharist
Timothy O'Donnell : The Family
Tim Gray : Sacraments of Healing
[Catholic Compass]
Abp Fulton Sheen’s Preaching in New York / Fr Andrew Apostoli
[Prophet for our Time]
Cultural challenge : Order of chaos? [Unchanging Truths]
True meaning of Freedom [People of Life]

Source no: ADE 56

AS 66
Interview with Patrick Buchanan, former Presidential Candidate
[World Over]
Marriage / Msgr Eugene Clark [God's Gifts]
Lost in the Cosmos / Walker Percywith Fr C J McCloskey & Robert Royal [Catholic Authors]
Mystery of Mercy / Fr B Groeschel [Mystery of the Trinity ; 8]
Liturgiae Instaurationes : 3rd Instruction on the Sacred Liturgy
[Council of Faith]
Source no: ADE 57

AS 67
Web of Faith :
Starting: What is the Liturgical Year?
Faith in Action / Fr Richard Ho Lung [Faith Matters]
Eternal Life / Sarang Honap, former Hindu [Journey Home]
Mission Work / Deacon Ronald Thwaites  [The Ghetto Priest]
Heresies while Jesus still walked the earth
[The Scandal of the Cross and its Triumph]

Source no: ADE 58

AS 68
Thanksgiving / Fr Groeschel [Faith Matters]
Journey of
Lisa Miletello,   former Baptist [Journey Home]
Beatification of Sister Faustina,
There’s Hope / Abp Fulton Sheen [Life is Worth Living]
Originally broadcast in 1965
The Visitation / Fr M Pacwa [Mother of the Redeemer
Source no: ADE 59

AS 69
C.S. Lewis /with  Mother Angelica, Marcus Grodi & Fr Kenneth Myers
Origins of the Catechism / Fr Corapi [Catechism of the Catholic Church]
The Call / Fr D. Mode
Giving your life in Service to the Lord / Jeff Cavins with Michelle Deal
[Life on the Rock]

Source no: ADE 60

AS 70
Web of Faith : 
Starting: "I’m human" no excuse
Iranaeus : Old and New Testaments [Early Church Fathers]
Abp Fulton Sheen’s gift of the written word / Fr Andrew Apostoli
[Prophet for our Time]
The Call / Fr R. Fox
Detachment and humility / Fr Brian Mullady [Faith Matters]
Encyclical, Paragraph 17 / Fr Mitch Pacwa
[Mother of the Redeemer]
Original Sin and Redemption / Fr Corapi
[Catechism of the Catholic Church]

Source no: ADE 61

AS 71
Praying in the Presence of Our Lord for the Holy Souls [Bookmark]
Mystery of God / Fr Groeschel [Mystery of the Trinity ; 1]
Testimony of Fr Dan Papineau [St Faustina : Divine Mercy in our Souls]
Pope John Paul II : Conscience of the World [Global Showcase]
Women exploited by the abortion industry [People of Life]
Restoration of St Mary’s Cathedral,  New Haven, Connecticut
by the Knights of Columbus [EWTN Gallery]

Source no: ADE 62

AS 72
Web of Faith :
Starting: Holy Communion Reverence
How the earliest Christians read the first Books of Genesis
[Hail Holy Queen]
Divine Mercy Sunday / Fr Seraphim Michalenko
Psalm 110 / Fr Mitch Pacwa [Psalms in the Life of David]

Source no: ADE 63

AS 73
Web of Faith :
Starting: "Catholics" for a Free Choice
First Sudanese Saint / Bp Makram Gassis [Faith Matters]
Abp Fulton Sheen’s Preaching in New York / Fr Andrew Apostoli
[A Prophet for our Time]
The Wedding Feast at Cana / Fr Mitch Pacwa [Mother of the Redeemer]

Source no: ADE 64

AS 74
Life and Work of  Dietrich von Hildebrand / Alice von Hildebrand pays tribute to her late husband
St Michael the Archangel / Mother Angelica
What does it mean to be Catholic? / Fr C. P  Jones [Journey Home]

Source no: ADE 65

AS 75
Do I need to pray? / Fr Pablo Straub [To Know and to Love]
World Youth Day : 2002 : Toronto,  and the Luminous Mysteries of
the Rosary / Jeff Cavins  with Greg Magires [Life on the Rock
10 great things about being Catholic / Harry Crocker  [Abundant Life]
The Second Commandment /  Fr Krause [Becoming Catholic]

Source no: ADE 66

AS 76
Poor quality tape

The Ten Commandments, Part 1 :  1 - 6 / explained by Fr   Groeschel
Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament

DAR 10

AS 77
Poor quality tape
The Ten Commandments, Part 2 :  7 - 10 / explained by Fr   Groeschel
Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary in the Holy Land

Source no: DAR 11

AS 78
St Gregory the Great / Fr Charles Connor [The Church in Time]
EWTN looks back :  20th Anniversary of the Network
Mother Angelica’s Message to Australia
Becoming Catholic  Series for RCIA / Mother Angelica  with Fr  E.   Krause
Sacrifice in the Old and  the New Covenants [The Lamb's Supper]
Who is your favourite philosopher? / Fr Rutler [Grace and Truth]
Share your Faith :  Be a light in a dark world [Household of Faith]

Source no: DAR 1

AS 79
Psychology of spiritual development /Mother Angelica with
Fr Benedict Groeschel  First broadcast 18/6/’85
Introduction to Christian Psychology / Fr Groeschel
[Stumbling Blocks and Stepping Stones ; 1]

Rome : the Eternal City [Global Showcase]
Web of Faith :  Starting: Why does God give suffering to the Saints?

Source no: DAR 9

AS 80
Journey of Michaelann Martin [Journey Home]
The Supreme Sacrifice of Calvary /Fr Perricone [Most Glorious Act]
Striving the agree about basic realities [Community Transformed ; 6]
Faith after high school / Tracey Moran with Jeff Cavins [Life on the Rock]

Source no: DAR 8