Beauraing is a village of Belgium placed to 120 Km. To the south of Brussels. There, between November 29, 1932 and January 3, 1933, the  Virgin Mary  appeared on 33 occasions to five children: four girls and a child, belonging to two families of the locality. They were: Fernanda, Gilberta and 15, 13 and 11-year-old Alberto Voisin respectively, and Andrea and 14 and 9-year-old Gilberta Degeimbre of age.

The children described the appearance as a very beautiful Lady, of approximately 18 to 20 years. The garment was of plaits, length and target and was radiating light, and a blue beam was crossing it diagonally. her eyes looking to the Sky, and her hands, united, and a rosary was hanging down.

In the first appearances the Virgin walked by the garden of the pensioned one of the Sisters of the Christian Doctrine, a bit far from the site where the children were.  Later, one was appearing when they were saying the Rosary. During the last appearances, on having said goodbye she  opened her arms and  in the center of her chest was a heart of gold wrapped in dazzling beams , which all five children contemplated with clarity.

On some occasions The Virgin spoke with the children, asking them that they were obedient. On December 21, 1932, she identified as the Immaculate Virgin. She said to  them that She had come in order that peregrinations were done to this place and asked them that they should pray very much. Also she said to the children that She was wished that a chapel be construted. On January 2, 1933 they announced that they would say a thing to each one especially. They were entrusted to some by a secret that was never revealed and to one of the girls, Andrea, said to her " I am the Mother of God, the Queen of the Skies. Pray always " To other one of the girls, Gilberta Voisin, she entrusted to her a promise: " I will turn the sinners. " The last words loudly for Fernanda: you love my Son? You love  me? Then sacrifice yourself for me ".

The Immaculate and painful Heart of the Virgin, such which had showed, surrounded with thorns, to Lucía de Fátima in 1929, was turning out to be now resplendent, surrounded with an extraordinary clarity and with golden radiances, announcing already its victory, which existed predicted previously. It is a Heart that appears in all its purity and brilliance to show her to the world its wealth and its value. A Heart aquilatado in the crucible of the pain and the suffering: the Heart of the Maria's purest gold, which radiates love.

Originally , these events provoked doubts and rejection, even on behalf of the relatives of the children, but these persisted in her affirmations and soon they began to happen sanaciones and surprising conversions that erased little by little the skepticism and the doubts, giving I happen to the fe in the words of the beautiful Lady. And in those difficult times, in which the communists had the power in Russia, Mussolini was giving the orders in Italy and Hitler began to arise as a powerful leader in Germany, it is  a place was an effective refuge and a fortress for the Belgian believers, when already many inhabitants of Beauraing's people, previously Catholic, had been conquered by the labour Marxist party and had moved away from the Church. The unemployment, the hunger and the revolts were seen throughout.

The appearances provoked the interest of many persons, who were coming in peregrination to the site, where a chapel was constructed since the Virgin wanted it , and today it continues being a site very visited by fervent pilgrims .


In 1935 a commission was formed to investigate Beauraing's events. On February 2, 1943 the bishop André Marie Charue authorized the public devotion to Our Lady of Beauraing. His statue was bendecida on August 22, 1946 , day of the Holiday of the Immaculate Heart. In 1949 the bishop published the decree of approval in these terms: " We Prune, with complete certainty and prudence, to affirm that the Queen of the Sky was appeared to the young men of Beauraing during the winter from 1932 to 1933, specially to show us in its maternal heart the distressing call to the prayer and the penance and the promise of its powerful mediation for the conversion of the sinners. "

The secrets entrusted to the children by the  Virgin have never been revealed.

The fact that the Pope Juan Paul II has celebrated a mass in Beauraing on May 18, 1985 , day in which it(he,she) was expiring 65 years of age, it is one more indication of the conviction that has this Pope in the mediation of María Santísima and of the appreciation that has for the places where the Virgin has been appeared in this land.




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