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On April 15, 1980, I saw the statue all illuminated. I thought it was the boys playing in the plaza who had broken the roof tiles and that was how the light entered over the statue. I also thought I would be charging them for the roof tiles and cost of repair, because I had charged them before for this; since then I had not again done so. But my thought was that they had entered intrusively because I live at a distance and thought, "Now that I was not there, they played and broke the tiles." I got closer to see, and saw that there was not one hole in the roof; I went out to see if it was through the windows that outside light was coming in and could see nothing; I returned close to the statue to see if someone had placed on her a phosphorescent rosary. I saw the hands, the feet, the neck ... it was nothing like that. The light was not coming out of anything, the light came from her. That was a great mystery for me, with the light that came from her one could walk without tripping. And it was nighttime, almost eight o'clock at night, as I had arrived late. I then understood that it was a strange thing ... and that it no longer was an ordinary thing well ... for me ... I thought: "The Holy Virgin, the quarreling with the people." I decided to ask their forgiveness because I was so moved at seeing her so illuminated ... I saw her beautiful ... the statue ... now ... I do not see her as much



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