On the 8th of July we went to the place where the apparitions occurred, about forty of us went. We prayed and sang, but I did not see her. I begged in my prayers that I would see her again.

At night, while sleeping, I had a dream. I dreamed that I was in the place of the apparitions praying for the world. In my dreams I remembered that Our Lady had told me to pray for Nicaragua and for the whole world because serious dangers threaten it. I then, remembering this and that the priest had told me -- when I had told him the message from the Holy Virgin -- to pray especially for the religious, the nuns, the priests, and the Pope. Remembering all of that, I started praying; I began commending them. And I commended the whole world in the Rosary.

But there was a boy from Cuapa who was in jail. There had been a fight at a fiesta; they had accused him of being a counter-revolutionary and took him prisoner after the war. His sister asked me to make a petition for him. She was very sad because she could not speak with him alone when she visited him in jail. And, furthermore, they would not leave them alone to talk. So, after I finished the Rosary, I realized that I had not prayed for this boy, and I thought: "I am going to pray for him, but the Rosary is taking me a long time ..." I was thinking this in my dreams since I believed myself to be at the place of the apparitions. I said to myself: "I have to get home; it will be getting too late when I return ... I am going to only pray three Hail Mary's." In dreams I knelt down and raised up my arms; I again looked upward praying for the boy.

When I lowered my eyes and looked at the rocks where the Holy Virgin has appeared, I saw an angel. He was dressed in a long white tunic; he was tall and very young. His body appeared to be bathed in light. He had a man's physique and voice. He carried no adornment, no mantle, nor a crown. Plain but beautiful. His feet were not over a cloud. They were bare. He had a warm, friendly demeanor and a great serenity. I felt a reverence as I was before him, but my feeling towards him was different from what I felt before the Lady ... as if she were someone greater ... she greater than he ... I don't know how to explain, it is difficult to say ... Nonetheless, in spite of the fact that she inspired within me more respect; that is ... like a great respect, a greater reverence, than that which I felt towards the angel. With her I was bold enough to ask questions; and I spoke to her and made petitions. With the angel I hardly spoke.

I heard the angel tell me:
"Your prayer has been heard."

After a moment of silence he added:
"Go and tell the prisoner's sister to go and console him on Sunday as he is very sad; to advise him not to sign a document; that they are going to pressure him to sign a paper in which he assumes responsibility for some money; he is innocent.

"That she should not worry that she will be able to talk to him alone for a long time; that she will be treated in a friendly manner.

"To go on Monday to the police headquarters of Juigalpa to complete all the steps for his release because he will be released that day.
"To take 1,000 cordobas because they are charging a fine."

I then told him that I had another petition from a cousin who lives in Zelaya. He had come to Cuapa to see me and to ask me to speak to the Holy Virgin about two problems: problems in the home as a result of the vice of drink and problems with work due to the changes brought about by the Revolution. She wanted to know how to resolve the vice of alcoholism with her father and brother, because the resulting problems at home were caused by their violence when they drink too much. She also wanted to know what she could do with her problems at work as a teacher. She explained to me that she did not want to lose her job, but it seemed as if little by little they would cause her to deny her faith. In this she was suffering a great deal because she did not want to lose her work, but even less so to deny her faith.

That is why I told the angel that I had two petitions for the Blessed Virgin from a cousin; and without entering into details, I told him that it was with regard to problems in the home because of the father's and brother's vice with drinking, and also problems with work. I did not go into any more details.

The angel answer me saying:
"That the persons around them should be patient with them, and not to complain when they are inebriated."

Later he added:
Go and tell them to discontinue with that vice, to do it little by little and in that way the desire will be leaving them."

He then told me to warn my cousin that they were going to assault him; they were going to shoot him in the foot wounding his left heel; and at a later time they were going to kill him. On hearing this, I became so frightened that I told the angel: "Won't that sentence upon my cousin be revoked by praying many Rosaries?"

He answered: "No. It is from that that he will die, but if he listens to your advice his life can be prolonged."

He then added for my cousin:
"That she should not be afraid. To stay firmly were she is. That she should not leave her job because as a teacher who has faith in Our Lord she can do a lot of good with people."

An he continued, saying:
"Do not turn your backs on problems and do not curse anyone.:"


This, the angel told me at the end and disappeared. I awoke. I immediately began to pray the Rosary, without being distracted by what I had dreamed. Afterwards I started thinking about all that I had dreamed. I remembered everything about all that I had dreamed. I remembered everything as if it had remained impressed on me. I did not know what to think. But I chose to tell it to the prisoner's sister in secret because I feared it might not be fulfilled. The people were commenting over the Glory of God that I had seen on the 8th of June and they said: "Who has gone and who has returned? Bernardo is crazy. We should take him to the asylum." That is why I was afraid.

I told it to Mrs. Socorro telling her it was only for her alone. I told it to her the next day. She asked me how this could be as she was not allowed to speak with him alone. I told her to have confidence in the Lord and to go and do everything the angel said. Together we prayed the Rosary for her brother who was in jail. We went to see him on Sunday, the 13th of July. She was in the jail a long time with him alone, and because of that she was able to tell him not to sign the document. They were all friendly with her. When she returned to Cuapa, the same day Sunday, in the afternoon, she asked for a loan of 1,000 cordobas from a man who never lends anything without impounding something. He gave it to her without any warranties, without a bond, and even said to her: "If you want more, I will give you more." They presented the document to the boy but he refused to sign it.

Mrs. Socorro went on Monday to the police headquarters in Juigalpa to complete all the necessary steps to see if they would release him. She found the people at the headquarters quite friendly. They freed the brother and charged a fine of 1,000 cordobas. She told them she was poor and could they lower it some, and they reduced it by 200 cordobas. Everything was fulfilled. They soon left and returned to Cuapa and arrived at my house to express their thanks. I told them not to thank me, but to thank the Lord and the Holy Virgin. I suggested to them that they pray the Rosary. Mrs. Socorro was very happy and asked me if she could tell it to the people. I told her yes. Many came to believe because of this event. which for me and for others was like getting a reward or being bailed out.

He came out of jail on Monday July 14, and the next day I went to Zelaya to tell them of the message received. I spoke to the three of them. She believed me and told me that she could continue working as a teacher. My uncle listened and promised me that he would try to give up the vice little by little. Afterwards I went by horse clear over to my cousin's ranch but he did not believe me. He did not believe anything. He listened but out of respect. He was indifferent with me and even hard, because in a tone of voice that was insulting he told me: "Cousin, are you looking for some way to take a drink?"

I returned to my house feeling sad and praying the Rosary for him. A few days later I heard say that he had been robbed and his home assaulted. I then returned to Zelaya to give him advice and to tell him to sell his ranch and return to Cuapa. In that way he would avoid those incidents. He paid no attention to me, in spite of the fact that what I had told him in the previous visit was already in part fulfilled: I told him about a robbery. They stole two mules from him. I told him of an assault. They broke in his door one night and again robbed him.

I told him that his left heel would be wounded. And it was so. During this second visit to Zelaya, he showed me the wound himself but he did not believe. He said it was just by chance. There was no change in him.

I again returned to Cuapa feeling sad. Disconsolate! I would pray the Rosary for him.
Two months and one day later, that is , on the 9th of September, 1980, his sister-in-law -- who lives in Cuapa and who did not believe anything that I said -- received a telegram notifying her that my cousin had been found murdered. At twelve midnight of that same day, which was also the day following the fourth vision, his cadaver arrived in Cuapa. Everything that the angel told me was fulfilled exactly.

I had an appointment with the Lady, but it did not take place. We could not get there because the river was too deep, it was full. The current was too strong and it was overflowing its banks because of the violent winds. Very heavy rains since the night of the seventh, all that night and all the following day ... it rained without stopping on the day of the eighth of August. It was impossible to cross! I was there accompanied by a group of people, all of them women. On arriving at the edge of the river we intended to cross, we found this impossible. It would have been impossible even on horseback. I said: "Even by myself alone, I am going to cross."

But I looked and said: I can't do it alone! The current will carry me away it is so strong!" It continued raining. We were totally soaked from the rain. I then told the people: "The Blessed Virgin, the Blessed Mother, will hear us wherever we are." And we stopped trying to cross the river in order to get to the site of the visions. We sat down on the rocks alongside the river; others remained standing. We then prayed the Rosary and sang many songs. On our return we did not feel cold nor were we sad.

When it became possible to cross, we returned to the place of the apparitions. But nothing occurred, nor did I feel that the Lady would arrive. I missed not seeing her. I had by now become familiar with the idea of her arriving. I felt happy to be waiting for her and even more so at seeing her.


Another thing that happened during this month is that I could see that the priest did not believe me. Because of good manners he tried not to show this, but ... no, he did not believe. He had never shown any interest in going to the place where the apparitions occurred. However, one day he arrived at the chapel, celebrated Mass, and afterwards told me that he wanted to go to the site where the apparitions took place. But he told me not to point out the road and also not to speak with him.

It was so. We arrived at the place. I could see that he looked at all the sides around us. He looked as if recognizing something. Afterwards, indicating the precise spot: "It is this place that was in my dreams last night."

With this he changed. Prior to this I noted that he did not accept. I could notice it. But I do not judge him, as perhaps he has been an instrument to know the truth.

Towards the end of August I one day told him: "Father, I am sad because we were unable to cross the river because of the strong currents. Could it be that she expected us to cross the river on the 8th of August? Could it be that she won't be returning?" He said to me: "Pray and she will again appear."

He said that with certainty.