On the 8th of June I went to the site where the apparitions took place because she had asked me to be there. I arrived and prayed the Rosary with some persons, but the Lady did not arrive. I returned feeling disconsolate.

During the night, in dreams, she presented herself. It was the same as during the day -- I was at the same place where I saw her the first time. I prayed the Rosary. Upon finishing the Rosary, I again saw the two lightning-flashes and she appeared. In my dream I said to her: "What is it you want, my Mother?" She gave me the same message as she had done the first time, and afterwards I told her some requests which I had, because by now the people would recommend to me things to tell her. She answered me by saying: "Some will be fulfilled, others will not."

And I remained without knowing which ones would be fulfilled and which would not. The petitions that the people of Cuapa made to me were varied: some requested things that were more or less material; such as, "to have good luck with work," "that I will be cured of some illness," and other problems. Others requested something spiritual; such as, "to have patience," "love for God," "Faith," "perseverance in prayer," "to be able to love the ones who do not like me and who are harmful to my loved ones." As it turned out, I was unable to tell the people which would be granted and which would not.

Our Lady presented herself over the little Norisco tree as she did the first time. She faced the east. To her left, near the pile of rocks where the little tree grew, were two cedars. At present one no longer exists because the people have been taking the trunk bit by bit; the other one also is disappearing. So the cedars are no long cedars; stripped, without foliage and branches, they are dry. The only part remaining is the part where the trunk is attached to the roots. Of the little Norisco tree nothing remains; it has totally disappeared. To her right but a little farther away, there are four coyole palms. Between the first and the second, as one comes from the river, there is a large space. Raising her right hand, she indicated that space and said:

"Look at the sky."

I looked in that direction. The Jocaro tree that is in front, between the two palms, did not impede my being able to see because it has few branches and it is low. She presented something like a movie in that space I indicate.

I saw a large group of people who were dressed in white and were walking towards where the sun rises. They were bathed in light and (very?) happy; they sang. I could hear them but I could not understand the words. It was a celestial festival. It was such happiness ... such joy ... which I had never (ever?) seen. Not even in a procession had I seen that. Their bodies radiated light. I felt as if I were transported. Nor can I myself explain it ... in the midst of my admiration I heard her tell me;

"Look, these are the very first communities when Christianity began. They are the first catechumens; many of them were martyrs."

"Do you people want to be martyrs?"

"Would you yourself like to be a martyr?"

In that instance I did not know exactly what the meaning of being a martyr was -- I now know, because I have been asking, that it is he who professes Jesus Christ openly in public, he who is a witness, to Him including the giving of this life -- but, I answered yes. After that I saw another group, also dressed in white with some luminous rosaries in their hands. The beads were extremely white and they gave off lights of different colors. One of them carried a very large open book. He would read, and after listening they silently meditated. They appeared to be as if in prayer. After this period of prayer in silence. they then prayed the Our Father and ten Hail Mary's. I prayed with them. When the Rosary was finished, Our Lady said to me:

These are the first one to whom I gave the Rosary. That is the way that I want all of you to pray the Rosary."

I answered the Lady that yes we would. Some persons have told me that this possibly has to do with the Dominicans. I do not know that religious order, and to this date have never seen anyone from that order.

Afterwards, I saw a third group, all of them dressed in brown robes. But these I recognized as being similar to the Franciscans. Always the same, with Rosaries and praying. As they were passing after having prayed, the Lady again told me:

These received the Rosary from the hands of the first ones."

After this, a fourth group was arriving. It was a huge procession; now, as we are dressed. It was such a big group that it would be impossible to count them. In the earlier ones I saw many men and women; but now, it was like an army in size, and they carried Rosaries in their hands. They were dressed normally, in all colors. I was very happy to see them. When one is dressed differently from the other persons one feels rather strange ... at seeing the first group I did not feel so attracted to them because of that ... I admired them, but I did not feel as if in their midst when I saw the last group. I felt at once that I could enter into that scene because they were dressed the same as I was. But ...I looked at my hands and I saw them black. They, in turn, as the previous ones radiated light. Their bodies were beautiful.

I then said: "Lady, I am going with these because they are dressed as I am." She told me: "No. You are still lacking. You have to tell the people what you have seen and heard." And she added: "I have shown you the Glory of Our Lord and you people will acquire this if you are obedient to Our Lord, to the Lord's Word; if you persevere in praying the Holy Rosary and put into practice the Lord's Word."


After having said this to me the Vision of the Glory of God disappeared and the cloud that was sustaining her was elevating her towards Heaven. She looked like, as I said, the statue of the Assumption. And in that way, it was as if the cloud that was lifting her, disappeared.

I had a prohibition from the priest at telling what I saw and heard, I could tell it only to him. I took the bus early on the morning of the 9th of June and I told it to the priest. I thought that once I had told him, he then would right away give me permission and he said no -- for me to keep it in secret. I then began to feel a tremendous (?) and sorrow which I could hardly stand, and I kept hearing a voice telling me to tell it. I began suffering as I had before. But I chose to obey the priest and I did not relate it until permission was given.

This was given the 24th of June, which is the patron feast of Cuapa, so that I could tell it only to the people in that village. On that day the church was full of people, and I went to wait to meet with him to ask permission. The priest told me "no twice, and the third time accepted that I tell it.