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In 1996 When CATHworld's Webring began, we had noticed that there were several Christian Rings throughtout the Internet and only one other Catholic ring, but none were strictly loyal to the Magistereum of the Church. So as a result, CATHworld's Webring was formed.

CATHworld's Webring is a group of sites throughout the world that is Christian Based from a Catholic Perspective. In other words, your site in CATHworld should have some connection or at least be in accord with Catholic Doctirne and Principles. (This is not to exclude our other Christian Brothers and Sisters, but this ring is set up to meet the needs of the Catholic Web Surfers.)

If you are not sure if your site fits the criteria of this ring or in you have questions, feel free to Email us. Otherwise, read the Rules and then sign up to be part of one of the oldest Catholic Webrings on the net.

By participating in the ring, your site will have added exposure and you will be bringing the Good News of the Lord to more people.


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