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CATHworld is committed to helping SPREAD THE GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST! One way that we are doing this is by offering Free Services and Tools to Christian Webmasters and Prospective Webmasters.

Below you will find several tools made available to you by CATHworld that you can use to spice up your site and give you additional site content. Feel Free to use any and all of them as you like. They are very simple to add.

CATHworld's Survey Creator: Design your own poll or survey for your site. Customize with questions, colors, expiration and more.

CATHworld's Spiritual Inspirations: Add these colorful Scriptures and Spiritual Inspiring codes to your page. Every time your visitors comes to your page or reloads, they get a different message. Click reload here to see a different message below.
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CATHworld Banner Exchange: We are now using the services of 777adnet.com for our banner exchange. With 777adnet, you can make money and get targeted traffic to your site. Drive targeted traffic to your site by being part of this new and hot feature. If you want to make money, then place the codes on your website and get content related ads. Every time someone clicks on the ads from your site, you make money.

Free Search Engine: You can add the Cathworld Search Engine Tool to your site as seen below. This engine has a listing of Catholic/Christian Sites throughout the Internet. People will love this tool and will be able to visit your site often to search exclusively for Christian Web Pages.

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CATHworld Weather Tool: With this tool you have several choices to add to your site. Visitors can get up to date weather information right from your site. The one listed below is for United States Current Conditions.

FREE GUESTBOOKS: Add a Christian Themed Guestook to your site. This will allow your visitors to leave comments about your site and will allow them to view other comments.

FREE SITE HOSTING: Now that you see the tools that you have, do you need a place to set up your new site or transfer your existing one? CATHworld provides you with Free Space to host your site. This services also has several tools available to you, so even if you do not know HTML, you will be able to still set up a site for your Christian WebPage.

More Resources coming soon.......

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